Monday, 25 February 2013

Sad kitty, unhappy kitty, purr, purr, purr

My little kitty Lily is very unhappy today :(

She had to have 18 of her teeth removed, leaving her with only her canines. She was born with a disease that I can't spell ( called calleesees or something) that affects the gums and causes her soreness. The vet suggested it was time to have them removed so in she went this morning.

I left her at the vets early this morning and picked her up this afternoon looking like she had been hit by a car. She was still quite dazed from the anaesthetic so I put on the heating and set up her basket in the kitchen.

Lily had 18 teeth removed

I think the word on the fridge says it all!! I was a little worried about her as she had blood all round her mouth but after a few minutes she cried for some food and ate nearly a whole (mini) tin of pate type stuff. So obviously she isn't feeling too bad!

She had been on a heat pad at the vets so I warmed up my lavender diplodocus (microwaveable dinosaur!) to put in her bed. She wasn't overly impressed though....

Dinosaur in a cat basket - standard.
I can only imagine how confusing is must be to be taken to a strange place, knocked out and then to wake up and find all your teeth have gone! Poor little thing. My other cat is obviously very concerned for her.....he keeps scratching at the kitchen door. Probably more interested in seeing whether he's missing out on some food!

So he's been getting cuddles with daddy as a distraction.

Kitty says no!

Unfortunately, he has a low attention span for cuddles and told daddy to talk to the paw!

I thought most of my readers would love to hear about my kitties as I'm a crazy cat lady and I'm pretty sure most of you are too :)

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