Friday, 8 February 2013

Prozac Nation

I've just finished reading "Prozac Nation" by Elizabeth Wurtzel for the second or third time and the epilogue really struck a chord with me. Elizabeth discusses the ease with which prozac is prescribed these days to the point where you can be in a car full of people and everyone except maybe the driver is on prozac.....
Whilst I was at university, I had invited my best friend home with me and we were eating our dinner at the table with my brother. My mum came in and asked us if we had all taken our pills! All three of us were taking prozac (or the equivalent) at that time. It seems like for my generation, real life is too much like hard work.

Elizabeth also talks about how even a friends' dog has been prescribed prozac. Today, my little cat Lily went to the vets to get her teeth removed. Luckily for her, it had to be postponed for another couple of weeks.....but whilst I was there, I purchased (purrrchased!) a pet plug-in that is supposed to relieve stress for animals.

I may have mentioned before that Lily does not get on well with Thomas. He chases her and she shows her displeasure by weeing on my cooker. Lovely. So hopefully this natural scented plug-in will be the answer. Apparently, it also works on humans so we might all benefit!

Thomas likes to retreat to the basket when he's been told off! He's a good kitty really....he just likes to play :)

Has anyone else had problems with unhappy kitties? What did you do? Do plug-ins work? Help me!

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