Wednesday, 20 February 2013

You are cordially invited.....

I've had a few days off work recently to relax, which means that I've had some time to do some wedding planning!

I'll admit, the planning had started to become a bit of a chore as there is so much to do but now that I've made a few more decisions, I can enjoy it again.

We've managed to narrow down the choices on the photographer, the transport and the dj, and now I've moved on to invitations!!

vintage invitations

I've found some printable invitations on line (I'm not going to share where!) but I'm torn between a few of the designs and also which colour combinations to go for. I would love to have a grey and yellow theme as that's my current colour crush but I don't think that would photograph very well. The other choice is a mix of turquoise, orange and pinks.

I've also been thinking about things like guest books and flowers......In Hobby Craft at the moment they are selling some white branches that would make an awesome guest book tree sort of thing. I think I could make this myself in some way though so I'm not going to share too many of the details!!!

alternative guest book
Guest book trees £19.99 Hobby Craft

I also really like the idea of a tree or print that your guests leave their fingerprints on in place of the leaves. However, it would be nice to have room for a little message from them too.

Bug guest book print

The only things to choose after all this are the fiddly bits like favours and table plans! My advice to anyone planning a wedding is to run away and have a secret ceremony! There is soooo much to plan if you want to have a big day with all your family and friends involved.

 But I wouldn't change a thing so far!

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Vanessa Ryan said...

I love that bug guest book idea for finger prints. That's really unusual. What about bug shape post-its for a message on a board by the side?